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Trophy Alberta Black Bear Hunts

Trophy Black Bear

Trophy Black Bear

We are fortunate enough to have a higher than normal density of color phase bears. Some years averaging 30-40% of a variety of chocolate, cinnamon and blonde bears. Our stands consist of various styles of tree stands, box blinds and ground blinds to accommodate each hunter. Leaving you the best possible chance at harvesting a record book bear.


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What to Expect on Your Hunt

At Stone Horse we feel we have a solid grasp on how to get big bear killed. Finding bears and hunting them is one thing but knowing how to get it done is another. We pass on knowledge and the skills to our guides special techniques to get our valued clients in on these big guys. We utilize all of our terrain to the best of its ability. We use climbing stands, ground blinds, hang on stands as well as blinds from a distance. It all depends on the geography of the land and how it can be best used to our advantage. 

Bear Gallery

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About our Bear Area

In our area our density of boars to sows is great, which comes form proper management. Understanding that trophy management is about age structure and not overhunting areas is important to longevity of trophy class animals. As we always push and explore new areas we also leave hunted areas the following year to allow mature boars to get established before re-visiting that area. This allows us to maintain quality while also not allowing density to get too high which can push boars away further form hunting are. 

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In camp you will find we are set up for any weather that may occur. We have 14ft wall tents with high quality wood stoves that keep it toasty warm at night and the duration of your hunt. The 16x24 heated cook tent is where your delicious meals are prepared daily by our full time cook. Camp is powered and heated by wood stove. The fully functioning shower and facilities are private and heated.